Welcome to Il Forno Pizzeria Restaurant in Princes Bay
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Welcome to Il Forno Pizzeria Restaurant in Princes Bay

The Il Forno Story

Many of our customers have asked where our previous location is in Brooklyn. Some have commented that our Sicilian pie tastes just like Pizza Park's in Gravesent used to many years ago. Heere is why you may get that sense of deja-vu when you taste our pizza. Our recipes were handed down from Joe Ianelli (The Big Guy). He has been serving customers for over 40 years. His Sicilian pies were legendary on Avenue U in Gravesent, served out of Pizza Park. This restaurant is located across the street from the square between Lake and Van Sicklen Streets. He later owned and operated Il Forno of Brooklyn at 7312 13th Ave in Bensonhurst.

John Caggiano is the owner and operator of our Staten Island location. He owned Johnny's Pizza on Avenue U between West 8th and West 9th Streets for seven yearsbefore making the move across the bridge. He continues to use Joe's recipes and ingredients for our pizza; as well as the tips and tricks Joe has picked up along the way. We are very proud of our productand know our customers can distinguish between high quality, authentic and well prepared food verses low quality substitutes.

Bringing Brooklyn's Best Pizza to Staten Island

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